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Welcome to SatelPro - World Leaders in Satellite Communications

Specialists in satellite communications, SatelPro provides a wealth of solutions to worldwide communications issues.

With so many areas in the world suffering from poor telecommunications infrastructure and only limited cellular coverage, there's a visible need for a reliable means of keeping in touch, not just by voice, but also fax and email.
Thuraya Iridium Inmarsat Communications Solutions & Accessories

Satelpro reduces the price for Iridium SC-4000 phone.

Satelpro offers Iridium SC-4000 Fixed Mount Satellite Telephone phone for very low price. It became possible due to SatelPro has been awarded a contract from the government to supply satellite phones to the Navy.

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Thuraya Coverage Map

Thuraya announces plans to extend its satellite coverage area to include East and South East Asia.

Planned for June 2007, the newly added coverage area will include...

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Iridium Africa Pre-Paid Pack

This new Iridium plan offers simpler and more competitive solutions to users in Africa, with calls that originate in Africa now costing a third less than previous prepaid options.

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